Adding a device manually

Installing Wireguard/VPN client

First, you have to install Wireguard application. On this site you can find information on how to download Wireguard for any operating system.

Adding a device to connect to VPN

  1. Go to your profile (My Profile - which you'll find on the navigation on the left side of the screen)

  2. Click on Add new device

  1. Now you can name your device (like Laptop, Phone, whatever you like) and then you have two options:

a. Generate key pair - if you are a new user, just select this option - it will generate a secure key pair (private and public key) - securly in you browser (defguard doesn't store user private keys)

Choosing this option - when you download your configuration (or use QR Code to configure Wireguard on your mobile device) - the private key will be included in your configuration and there will be noting else you need to do

b. Use my own public key - if you are an advanced user and know how to generate a key pair yourself - you can choose this option and enter your own public key (keeping your private key to yourself)

Choosing this option - you will need to change PrivateKey (insert the private key you hold) in the configuration file you download

  1. Now you can download/configure your Wireguard/VPN client by:

    1. downloading the configuration

    2. Copy configuration to Clipboard

    3. Use Wireguard feature to configure by scanning the QR Code

If you have multiple VPN locations - you can choose to download configuration for each of the location - by selecting the location as shown

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