Enrollment & Onboarding

Defguard provides secure remote enrollment process (remote registration/activation), during which the user can:

  • double-check their data

  • setup their password

  • add their initial device to access VPN as a nice wizard!

  • see admin (that has added this user) contact data

All done by a nice wizzard:

This can be done in two ways - either in the browser (web based) or by using a defguard desktop client. For both ways, there is an email that is sent to the user with explanation and relevant URLs/tokens.

When starting the enrollment process - a user will have only 10minutes to complete the process.

The enrollment token is valid for 24 hours.

Enrollment using desktop client

In the desktop client when adding an instance - the enrollment & onboarding process takes place.

What is great about this is that after the enrollment process is done - the desktop client is automatically configured with all available VPN locations for the user.

Web/browser based enrollment

When accessing the enrollment service in the browser the process is extended with the possibility to configure the initial VPN device/access manually.

Even if the user will do enrollment in the browser - the desktop client can be configured later by using: Remote desktop client activation.

User onboarding after enrollment

After the enrollment proces new users are shared with any relevant company information, links to company systems, security guidelines, etc.

The onboarding messages will be shown on the last step of the enrollment process and sent to the user via email:

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