Add Portainer app in Defguard

First, go to the defguard OpenID tab and click add new app button.

  1. Add the name Portainer

  2. Redirect Url add https://yourportainer.com where yourpotainer.com is the address of your portainer instance.

  3. Select the below scopes

  • OpenID

  • Profile

  • Email

Then add your app. After successfully adding your app you can see it in the OpenID apps list. When you click on it you will be redirected to the client details page. From this page copy Client ID and Client secret values for later.

Portainer configuration

When you login to portainer go to Settings -> Authentication

On this page select: Authentication method: OAuth


Select Custom

OAuth Configuration

  • Client ID -> Client ID from defguard available on client details page.

  • Client secret -> Client secret from defguard available on client details page.

  • Authorization URL -> https://<YOUR_DEFGUARD_INSTANCE>/api/v1/oauth/authorize

  • Access token URL -> https://<YOUR_DEFGUARD_INSTANCE>/api/v1/oauth/token

  • Resource URL -> https://<YOUR_DEFGUARD_INSTANCE>/api/v1/oauth/userinfo

  • Redirect URL -> https://<YOUR_PORTAINER_URL>

  • User identifier -> sub

  • Scopes -> openid email profile Note must be spaces separated as in this example

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