Desktop Client


Desktop client provides an easy way to access VPN locations of multiple Defguard instances via user-friendly UI.

Support Platforms


Has no external requirements and we have wireguard-go bundled.


On Linux the desktop client uses resolvconf (part of systemd-resolved) to configure DNS. Be sure to have it installed.


Our desktop client has bundled official WireGuard client - as we use wg.exe to manage the WireGuard tunnels.
If you have the official WireGuard client installed - defguard client installation may fail.


Debian packages, macOS, and Windows packages

You can download the latest release of the desktop client for your platform from our github :


If you don't know how to install AUR packages, please follow these guidlines:

Client update

Defguard Client regularly checks for updates and in order to do so operating system name and installed application version are sent to the Defguard update service.
This functionality can be turned off in the Client settings under Updates section so that no data is sent.
"Check for updates" setting
If a new version is available, a notification with a download button will be shown near the bottom of the menu.
New Desktop Client version available for download