Setting up 2FA/MFA

Go to My Profile and click Edit:

Then scroll down to the section Two-factor methods and choose which one you want to activate.

Whatever the method you will choose to configure next, please be prepared to do backup of your Recovery backup codes - as those are generated during the initial/first setup.

One time password

This method is based on time-based codes (TOTP), generated by an app.

Before you start to configure this step, you need to choose an app for generating your TOTP codes. Most popular are:

In this example, we will set up using Google Authenticator.

Click on the gear icon for One time password and Enable:

A set up screen will show up with a QR Code:

Now open Authenticator mobile app, and click: Add a code -> Scan a QR code and scan the QR Code with the app.

After doing that, a new screen will show on the Authenticator app, that will generate codes for Defguard:

Enter the code you see on the mobile app, to confirm, that the process has been done correctly (defguard will now validate the code).

After the code has been validated, either:

Backing up recovery codes

If you are configuring the 2FA/MFA for the first time with any selected method, at the end of the process you will be asked to backup your recovery codes:

Please backup those codes in a safe place, if you will not be able to login with your 2FA method (eg. you lost your phone or YubiKey hardware key) - the only method to login will be to use one of the recovery codes.

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